Whatsapp Features | How to Bold, Italicize & Format Text on Whatsapp

You are about to learn how to Bold, Italicize and format text on whatsapp which is a unique whatsapp features  you can try out to place emphasis and make texting more fun.

Whatsapp messenger is a popular instant messaging app that has continually gained influence over other apps of its kind. Its ever increasing update in features has help it keep ahead of other instant messaging apps. On this article i bring you whatsapp features for text formating – a better way to improve your texting.

Whatsapp has lots of features that most users don’t know how to use, some of which i will be quickly show you now.


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Whatsapp Features for Quick Text Edithing

Firstly, I will major on the whatsapp features for quick text formatting, Three of which are;

  • How to Bold texts
  • How to Italicize texts
  • and how to strike through texts.

How to Bold your Text on Whatsapp

You should know that to perform this text edith is very easy, so in other to Bold your text, simply

  • Place *asterisks* around text you want to bolden to make it bold.That is all, either it is a single word, or group of words it works the same way. Just put asterisks “*” at the starting and the ending of the word(s).

How to Italicize Text on Whatsapp

Now, to italicize your text on whatsapp just;

  • Put _underscore_ around text you want to italicize and it will be in italics.

Short and simple, what i do is type two underscores and then move my cursor between then before typing in the text i want to put in italics.

Strikethrough Text whatsapp features

Finally, if you want to strikethrough any text for reason know to you. Simply use the trick below

  • Put ∼Tildes∼ around the texts to strike through them.

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You can see that the process of using this whatsapp features is easy and fun. Feel free to try them out and ensure you always update your whatsapp to access more features.

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