MediaFire Online Storage & File Sharing – Get 50GB Free Space

MediaFire Online Storage website is what i will be reviewing today. File storage and sharing is safer and easier when its done online, Virtually all my stuffs are online. This alone gives me access to my files anywhere and at any point in time with any of my device. 

Its okey if you have been using othere storage platforms, but should incase you need a more reliable, larger and free online storage space that also allows your share your files with ease. Then MediaFile Storage is a better option.

MediaFire is an online storage website that gives users you to over 50gb Storage space, fantastic and easy access to upload and share files. You can also view files from any device at any point in time. Mediafire online storage service gives you 10gb instant free storage space at registration. This can be upgraded to 50GB free space by simply downloading their app and reffering other people to use mediafire file sharing service.

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Features of MediaFire Online Storage

I did like to share the key features of Mediafire service, i mean its amazing offers that distinguish it from other file storage websites. Before then, the only shortcoming of this platform is you have to sign in to your at least once a year to avoid expiration. Well I think this can’t be a problem since it is a simple thing to do. Here are what to enjoy in Mediafire Online storage.

  • 10GB instant storage space once you sign up. This like i said can be upgraded to over 50GB when you download Mediafire mobile app and reffer people to start using this platform.
  • File Sharing Made Easy: Mediafire allows for Unlimited downloads, and file share through email, link, or social network. Here you can share files and folder with anybody, and receipiants don’t need mediafire account to access and download files. Other features include
  • Unlimited bandwidth and download: No matter how popular you file is, there is never a limit to file download or bandwidth at a very fast rate.
  • Multiple Upload: You can upload hundreds of file or folders at once with your web browser or even with you mediafire mobile app.
  • Easy to use File Manager: Firemedia also offers a wonderful and easy to use file managing interface. This lets you  upload, copy, move, and control access to your files from anywhere with your desktop or phone.
  • Mobile App: With this feature you can take your files wherever you go. Upload, view, share and manage your files right from your device.

Moreover, Non-users can upload files to your account with what mediafire calls FileDrop. This serves as a Public folder where people can upload files to your account.

Sign Up Mediafire Online Storage

Creating a free account with mediafire is free, the process is very easy that is why i will quickly show you how to do it. Remember once you sign up for an account you are open to all the features above, although there are more benefits if you upgrade to higher versions or mediafire pro. To create an account;

  • visit mediafire website at
  • Click on the sign up button just at the top right corner of the screen
  • Enter your details accordingly and click sign up.
  • That is all, you can use your facebook account for this purpose

How to Sign in to your mediafire storage account

The same way you signed up for mediafire account;

  • visit their homepage,
  • This time click on the Login button
  • Enter the email and password you used during registration, then
  • click log in

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How to Download Mediafire Application

To download Mediafire app to your device for easy file sharing and upload wherever you go, use the links below.

This app offers the easiest way to securely upload, share and organise your files on mediafire service.

In conclusion, My take about Mediafire is that it is far more than just a cloud storage service, its unique nature and simplicity makes it a good choice for online storage and sharing. Download mediafire and enjoy unlimited file upload, download and sharing all for free.

I hope you find MediaFire | Online Storage & File Sharing as a place to start sharing your file online. Use the comment box is you find this article useful, or if you have any difficulty downloading or usingthis service.




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