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Zoom cloud meeting, Here I will be showing you how to download Zoom App for smart phones. Have you desired to share your presentation with colleagues online, or simply host a meeting with a couple of friends. Then this app is all you need to keep every conversation simple and real.

Zoom is all about conferencing, a simple way to communicate over a group of people live online. Just on the eve to July 1st, a group of friends wanted to share their action plan for the month of July and they wanted every member to contribute there views before the final chat is drawn. I recomemded Zoom app and the output of the meeting was awesome as they contributed by simply sharing their screen and conversation was smoot and clean.

This article will dwell majorly on how to download Zoom cloud meeting, and how to use zoom App anytime anywhere. Before we go further lets look at some of the features of Zoom.uk

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Features of Zoom App

Here are some of the features of zoom, the incredible app that makes business more productive through online meeting and conferencing.

  • Cloud Video Conferencing:Zoom allows you to host and manage video conference or meetng between 100 users.
  • Mute Video or Audio: This App gives oppurtunity for users to mute either the your video, or audio to avoid to must inteference especially when you have more people in the meeting. Other interesting features include
  • Screen sharing ability
  • Best video quality
  • Connect with any device of choice, be it android, iphone, pc etc
  • Allows for active participation
  • Free download, and free participation
  • No need to sign up before joining a meeting.

How to Download Zoom App

Now, if you are ready to download zoom for your smartphone or PC follow the steps below and get that done in a metter of minutes.

To download app:

  • Visit zoom website throught this link www.zoom.com
  • Scroll down to the button of the page to locate the download link
  • Click on DOWNLOAD, or click here to go stratight to the download page.
  • Now, check for your option compactible with you device.
  • Select your choice app by clicking on the download button close to the app type.

Below are some of the platforms that zoom run on. So you can download and use app on this platform.

1 Zoom Mobile App ( Zoom for Android, Zoom for iphone, Zoom for Blackberry)

2  Zoom Extension For Browsers With this platform you can start and schedule your Zoom meeting with a single click from your browser or within Google calendar. Download extension for Firefox, or Google chrome for free.

3  ZoomPlug -in for Intel Unite: Modernize your meeting for easy and more intuitive way to collaborate with zoom intel unite.

Other platforms include Zoom room, zoom microsoft Lync and Zoom for Microsoft outlook.

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Sign up Zoom, Login Zoom and Host Meetings

Zoom sign up is free, and the process is very simple and quick. To sign up for zoom all you need is a working email address. Follow this step to sign up zoom and start hosting meetings.

  • Log on to zoom website with your pc or mobile browser.
  • Click on Sign Up just at the top right corner of your screen
  • Enter your E-mail Address in the space provided and
  • Click on the sign up button below the email. Note, you can sign up using your google or even facebook account.
  • Now a link will be sent to your email, Login to your email inbox.
  • Locate and open the mail
  • Click on the ACTIVATE button, this will automatically activate and bring up the page where you can now input your details.
  • Enter your full name, then provide a password
  • Re-enter the password you created. This password alongside your email will be required of you during Zoom login.
  • click on next to complete your registration. That is all, you have succesfully open an zoom account.

Now, To login zoom all you need to do is

  • Visit www.zoom.us and click on SIGN IN
  • Enter your email and password you used for your zoom account registration, Then
  • Hit the sign in button.

How to Host Meeting on Zoom – Schedule Meeting

To host or schedule meeting and invite others to join your meeting you must have a zoom account. So once you have created you zoom account follow the following steps to start hosting and schedule meeting

Host Meeting with Zoom

Hooting meetings is super cool and fun, If you are doing that with your PC browser you might need to download zoom for PC or any of the zoom extensions. If that is in place

  • Go to Zoom homepage, or launch zoom app on your device.
  • Click on Host meeting, Then select the kind of meeting you want to host. Maybe a video, video mute, or just screen sharing.
  • A new page comes up with the link you can use to invite other users for the meeting. Copy this link and share with whom ever you want to be part of the meeting.
  • Now, Click on Start Video or audio. The meeting will start immediately.
  • Note: you can set the time this meeting will last for, i.e how long you want the meeting to last.

Note you may not need to sign up or have a zoom account to join a meeting with Zoom App.

Join a Zoom Meeting

To join a meeting hosted by another user is easy, all you need for this purpose is a zoom app on your device, and the link to the meeting. Once you have this two things:

  • Connect to a strong and reliable network
  • Launch your zoom app
  • Click on join, Then enter the code that comes with the link for the meeting. You can also this by simply copying and pasting the code in the space provided.
  • That is all you are logged in with our participants in the meeting. Other options for smooth running of meeting are available on the app. Stuffs like audio and video mute, sharing of screen etc. You can also create a contact list from which you can invite and communicate other users.

Schedule Zoom Meeting

This one is a little bit different, To schedule a meeting:

  • Visitt Zoom homepage or launch your zoom app
  • Click on sign up, then enter your login details. Once this is done
  • Click on meeting and then, select schedule meeting
  • Fill in the details of the kind of meeting, and the time for the meeting
  • Submit form, Dont forget the copy and share the link for the meeting. So that the people invited for the meeting can join using this link ( this linke is just a set of 10 – 11 digit numbers)

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Finally, Zoom helps you start and manage a live meeting online. members of these conference meeting joins and make contributions from the comfort of their homes just by connecting online using zoom. This app superceeds Skype with the fact that up to 100 persons can join and participate fullying in a conference, each and everyone can share their screens, making presentations super easy for board members.

I really believe you find this acticle useful, You can use the comment box below if you have any questions or contributions as regards this software and app.Feel free to share with friends using the share links below.

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