Zapya File Transfer App : Zapya Apk Download – Super Alternative For Xender

Zapya offers numerous features starting from its availability in different language to its ability to share multiple files to a group of devices at once. Below are the key features of zapya file transfer app that makes it unique tool for file sharing.

  • Wireless Transfer: Zapya transfers file of any size and format with cables or mobile data connection.
  • Fast Transfer Speed:  zapya is the fastest transfer app with a speed up to 200 times faster than bluetooth.
  • Social (Instant) messaging: You can message friends, and share streaming videos & audios even when your are offline
  • Supports Multiple Language: Zapya is available in english, spanish, chanise, italy, russian etc
  • Supports Group Sharing: Here you can share multiple files of all format with up to 4 connected all at once.
  • Finally, zapya is free for download, installation and use. No key is needed nor any registration required.

Now, Haven seen the unique features of Zapya file transfer app, Lets go into how to download zapya for free.

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Zapya Free Download – Zapya Apk Download

To download Zapya is very simple and direct. No matter the device you want to use it on, the process is the same. Below is the simple steps and guide to downloading and installing zapya free file transfer app.

  1. Visit zapya official website
  2. Just on the webpage you will find download links for different devices that you can run zapya on.
  3. Click on the link for your own device (e.g Apk, ios, windows, or mac)
  4. You will be taken to your device App store. Click on the Download or Install as applicable.
  5. Zapya will automatically start downloading and completes installation.

For Andriod uses, you can do Zapya apk download by the clicking the download link above. You can as well get app from Amazon or You can also visit zapya website for information on zapya download, how to use zapya, and so on

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