How to Save Webpages on Your Android Device For Offline Viewing

Right now i will show you How to Save Webpages on Your Android Device For Offline Viewing. So may people have always find it difficult to save a webpage for further reading when they go offline. Maybe its an important article or just a piece of information that make sense to them which they possibly can’t just continue reading at that point in time. Here is a simple tip on how to save your webpages for offline viewing on your Android device.

Saving webpage for offline viewing or reading is a bit different from bookmarking a page, as the later might require an internet network to display its content. so this article will show you in simple steps different ways you can save a webpage on your Android device and open then later without going online.

How to Save Webpages on Your Android Device For Offline Viewing

Firstly, on this article am going to list out the different ways to go about this topic, and then take them one after the other in details.

  1. Pocket App
  2. Save as PDF
  3. Using your Mobile browser e.g Chrome browser, Opera Mini Browser or UC web Browser.

Now, let me go into the above in detail. Always note that all of the above listed methods has their unique feature but still works perfectly for saving webpages for future reading.

1. Save Webpages Using Pocket App

Pocket is a read it later app that lets you save a webpage either from your PC or mobile browser. The good thing about this application is that it downloads the content of the webpage such as the text, links and images. But it will never download any large medias, ads, or any sort of design elements in the page. It is probably the best method to save text only webpages as it give you access to format text as you want and also use the text to speech feature to just listen instead of reading.

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To use this method simply,

  • Download and install pocket app to your Android device. Then
  • Ccreate an account with pocket
  • Now open the webpage you want to save with your browser (chrome), and then
  • Top on your browser option (the three dots icons) and select share
  • From the share option, click on the pocket icon. Once this is done your web page is already saved to your device.
  • To open webpage, Just go back to your pocket app, locate your article and start reading.

2. Save webpages As PDF

Here you can save your webpage in PDF format so that you can read it later, share with friends or even transfer and print them out from your PC. This method is of course very incredible as it saves everything in your webpage just as it is. I find this really helpful expecially when i fill out forms online, i can easily save them to print later and have them in hard copy.

To save webpage using this method, All you have to do is

  • Load the webpage you want to save with your mobile browser ( Google Chrome works better)
  • Now, tap the three dots icons on the top right corner of your chrome browser
  • Locate and select the Share Option.
  • This time, click/tap on print
  • From the printer option, tap on SAVE AS PDF
  • Select the location you wish to save your file. and tap on the save button.
  • To view your saved page, Just open the folder you saved it to and locate the page by name

Note you can rename the file or webpage name to whatever you like. You can also save file to your external storage sources like google drive and its likes.

3. Save webpages Using your web browser

Finally, you can use your mobile browser like Chrome, Opera mini or Uc web to save a webpage. The process of doing this is almost the same for all the three, just that their interface might differ a little. But of course the three browsers will sure save your webpage for offline viewing with all its content intact.

Now, to do this you must have any or all of the above web browsers installed on your device. once that is done

  • Open your browser (Opera mini for examplae) and then,
  • load the home page you want to save.
  • once page is open, tap on the browser option
  • Select the save for offline or save pages as the case may be. then click on save or ok
  • To locate your saved pages, go to browser option
  • select on saved pages (for UC web and Opera), or Downloads (for Chrome)
  • locate your saved webpage and start reading.

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Note: like i said earlier the process is almost the same, but the interface are a bit different. Just follow the guides above and you will have your webpage saved for offline reading.

I really believe you find this article useful, do comment below your best method of saving webpage online.


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