Yahoomail Login | Sign Up – Link Yahoomail with AOL, Gmail, Outlook & Others

Recently, Yahoomail has updated so may things in their service, Now you have acess to 1TB storage space enough to save over 55million mails. Besides this you can now link your other email accounts with your yahoo account. So if you are almost giving up on Yahoo, This is enough reason why you should stick to yahoo webmail service for all your email delivery. Try Yahoomail Login | Sign Up – Link Yahoomail with AOL, Gmail, Outlook & Others

On this post will open your eyes to the mostt recent things you stand to enjoy on yahoomail web mail service. so keep on reading so i can show you the numerous features yahoomail has added to their service.

Latest Features of Yahoomail Login Account

Here are the services yahoo mail offers

  • 1TB storage space.
  • Connect All your email addresses to one yahoo mail account
  • Yahoo notification. Here you get instant notification of all mails that comes into your account
  • Yahoo mail for mobiles. Get yahoo mail app for your Android and ios devices.
  • Advance spam and virus protection
  • Attach files from cloud storage providers like (google drive, dropbox and onebox)

Now, i really don’t want to bore you with the process of yahoomail creation on this article just click HERE to get the procedure for Free Yahoomail Account Creation.

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How to Link  other Account to your Yahoomail

The procedure for connecting your yahoomail with Gmail, AOL, Outlook, etc is very simple. Just make sure you have the following in place

  • A yahoomail Account
  • Other Webmail account you wish to add/link to your yahoomail account. and finally,
  • This article you are reading.

Once all the above are in place, follow the steps below to complete your account linkage process.

Yahoomail Login

  1. visit
  2. Click on MAIL and then
  3. Enter you username and password. then
  4. sign in
  5. once you have logged in, click on the add Gmail outlook etc. link as shown in the image belowYahoomail Login | Sign Up - Link Yahoomail with AOL, Gmail, Outlook & Others
  6. once this is done a new page will come up where you can select the specific email account you want to add.
  7. Select the one(s) you wish to add to your yahoomail account and
  8. Click Save

This will connect your other email accounts to your yahoomail. With this you can access any account you add to yahoomail through your yahoomail box.

How to Attach File from Cloud Storage sites To Yahoomail

Now to attach file from you Google drive account or Dropbox just follow the simple steps below

  • Login to your yahoomail account
  • Click on compose
  • Now click on the attach button (attachment symbol)
  • Select Share file from cloud provider
  • To your right, select either Dropbox or Google Drive.
  • Login to either of the above with your username and password. (note the username and password for your Cloud Storage Account)
  • From there you can select the file of your choice and attach to the mail you are about to send.

Yahoomail has really improved so much that the problem of attaching large files has been resolve through the above process of attaching file from cloude storage sites.

You can also use your yahoo mobile app to access your mail, compose and attach files from Dropbox or Google Drive. If you want to download yahoomail apps follow the steps below.

  • visit
  • This time, Click on the Get App link.
  • Click on the link applicable to your device. (Either Google Play for Abdriod or App store for ios devices)
  • follow the page to install app to your device. and that is all

Finally, Yahoomail is one of the oldest and most popular webmail service with a good and reputable service for its users. Take adantage of its latest features for better and smarter mail delivery.

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I hope you find this article on Yahoomail Login | Sign Up – Link Yahoomail with AOL, Gmail, Outlook & Others useful, Always visit our home page for more informations. You can as well use the comment box if you have any question or input with respect to this page.


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