Xender For PC – How to Connect Xender to PC For File Transfer

Hello guys, This post is an update to my previous post on xender File transfer app download for android, iphones, and windows devices. I will therefore on this post major on how to connect your mobile phone to your PC using Xender, and how to use xender to share files between your phone and PC. Just follow my lead as i take you through Xender For PC – How to Connect Xender to PC For File Transfer

Like i said on that post, Xender is an application for file sharing and transfer. It offers very fast transfer speed without cable or mobile network connection. It also allows for cross platform file transfer and sharing between Andriod and iPhones, and also with PC/MAC. But, my focus here is Andriod to PC connection and file Sharing.

Xender For PC – How to Connect Xender to PC For File Transfer

This is one of the latest features added to Xender app. It allows you to connect your phone to a PC and share files directly without any device software installation or USB cabling. Have you tried transferring files between your PC and your mobile phone but failed? Now you don’t have to worry about that anymore because Xender App will break that barrier and help you PC communicate with your PC comfortably.

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How to connect PC and Mobile – Xender For PC

Things Needed:

  1. A PC with Wi-Fi fercility
  2. A Smartphone (Andriod) with Hotspot fercility
  3. Xender App installed on the smartphone. You can download Xender Here

Now, to connect your mobile smartphone to your Laptop (PC) follow the step by step guide below.

  • First of all Launch the Xender app on your mobile phone
  • Tap on option ( ) to reveal all the available xender options
  • Locate and tap on Connect to PC 
  • Click on CREATE HOTSPOT (xender will create an hotspot network, and generate an IP address your pc can use to access your phone memory
  • Now, go to your PC settings, on switch on your wi-fi network
  • Then connect your PC to the Wi-FI network your xender app created (once connection is secured)
  • open any browser on your PC and
  • Enter the web IP Address generated xender
  • Press enter on PC keyboard
  • That is all, your PC is now connected with your mobile device. You can now start sharing files between them.

In addition, kindly ensure that you type in the web address correctly, and in case you see erroe message when trying to connect using the ip adress, Check the numbers again and make sure your not replacing column”:” with dot “.

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Now, having connected your PC and mobile PC using Xender for pc, i will like to show some tips on how to upload files from your phone to your PC.

How To Upload files from Phone To PC

To upload files, apps, videos, musics, documents and images from your phone to PC using Xender is very easy. No addition skill is needed to do this, once you have your pc connected to your phone then the job is done already. Follow the simple steps below to get the content on your phone backed up into your PC.

  • lunch your xender and follow are the step above on how to connect PC and mobile using Xender app
  • once the phone is connect and you can see your phone properties on your browser
  • Drag and drop files from your PC to the Phone Image displayed on the homepage. (this is how to transfer file from PC to phone) see image belowXender For PC - How to Connect Xender to PC For File Transfer

But if you want to send from phone to PC. just

  • Choose file type you want to upload to your PC
  • Click on any of the options below the Home Icon. (either Image, music, video, document, app or files)
  • Select the file you wish to upload to your PC (you can selesct multiple items too) and
  • Click on the red upload Image as the case may be. (upload video, upload document etc)
  • A download notification will come up asking you to open or save file.
  • click on save file. With this, your file will be uploaded to your PC.

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In conclusion, File transfer between mobile phone and xender is very easy. To achieve great success ensure you follow the steps above correctly and your sure be happy you did so.

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