Xender : Download Xender File Transfer App – Android – iPhones – Windows devices

Xender is popular file transfer and sharing Application that allows users to share/transfer files of different size and types between mobile devices. Its recent updates now allows you to connect and share file with your Perconal computers(Wi-Fi Enabled PC). Are you new to Xender or you’ve been having trouble Downloading, installing or using Xender on your Device. Then, this article on Xender : Download Xender File Transfer App – Android – iPhones – Windows devices will enlighten you on all you need to know about this Xender App.

Xender is an awesome app that lets you transfer files between other device without mobile data usage. Its transfer speed is exceedingly great and allows you to transfer files of diffirent formats and sizes. Users can easily share apps installed on their devices with their friends. That is, with Xender you can have all the apps on your friend’s phone installed on yours without having to download them online.

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Now, let me take you through the amazing features of Xender file transfer app. These features among others makes this app a must use for every smartphone user.

Features of Xender File Transfer App

  1. File transfers without Mobile data usage. Xender allows you to transfer/share files no matter the size with other devices without Internet connection or data usage.
  2. Transfers Any type of file. With xender you can transfer photos, videos, documents, musics, and even application to other devices. You can as well share compressed file formats over Xender app. Thus, no file type is restricted.
  3. Extra Transfer Speed. Xender transfer speed is Extreamly faster than bluetooth. large files can easily transferred in few minutes.
  4. Cross Platform File Transfer. Xender supports cross platform file transfer and sharing between Android OS and iOS, and also to PC/MAC. This feature makes connect directly with your PC for file transfer without USB or PC software installation.
  5. Other Features includes. perfect user friendly interface, File manager, supports many languages, and automatic update of apps.

Further more, The ability of Xender to allow users connect there mobile devices to their PC is one feature that makes this app exceptional. With this feature you can update media files from your phone to your PC and vice versa. I have tried this and it made backing up my files to my pc very easy and fast.

Download Xender For Android, iPhone and windows phones

On this paragraph i will be showing you how to download xender to your mobile device. You can use Xender freely on any of your Android, iOS, and windows devices. All you have to do is to follow the steps below to get Xender installed to your device.

Download Xender for Android, Xender for Iphone and Xender for windows
  • Visit xender homepage at www.xender.com with either your pc or mobile browser
  • Click on downloads on the top right corner of the homepage
  • Click on any of the three Icons ( Google Play, App Store or Windows Store ) to download Xender app that is compactible with your device.
  • This will take you the page where you can find the download link for your device.
  • Click on the download link to download app to your phone.
  • Now, wait for download to be complated. then
  • Click on xender from your download folder, to start its installation.
  • Follow the installation steps by tapping on Next till installation is completed.
  • Click open or go to you device menu and tap on the xender icon to launch xender.
  • Do a quick set up by adding a name and image that your device can be identified with.
  • That is all, you can now start enjoying Xender on your phone.

Note, if you are using our pc browser you will have to transfer the app from pc download folder to your phone using USB cable or bluetooth before installation.

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How to use Xender

Before i fally conclude on this article i did like to hint you on how you can use your xender to transfer and share file with other xender users.

Things needed:

  1. A smart phone that is compactible with xender
  2. Xender app installed on your phone
  3. one or more xender users to connect with

Now, to start using Xender

  • Launch Xender from your device menu
  • Top on either Receive or Send File from the options. (Note: you tap Send if you want to create the Hotspot for others to connect to and Receive if you are connecting with another user.)
  • Wait for a connection to be established between you and other devices.
  • once connection is active start sharing files with other devices. Remember you can share anything on your device with other users. by simply locating files from their categories
  • Tap on the History tab to lacate recent files you received.

Note, you can install xender apps or watch videos, play music and preview photos directly from your xender app. Also, note that every file you receive goes to the xender folder in mobile storade or SD card.

I hope you find this article on Xender : Download Xender File Transfer App – Android – iPhones – Windows devices usefull. Don’t forget to share this post with friends using the share buttons below.




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