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For easy storage and sharing of your photos, you need a Image hosting site. maybe you want to share photos of your children to their grandparent, embed image on your blog/website, advertise your brand, or you want to save those wonderful moments for the generations to come. Therefore, this article Sign Up – Free Image Hosting Site | Store And Share Photos Easily . is one of the fastest-growing image hosting sites on the Internet. It’s quick and easy to upload, edit, share, and link your photos on They offer simple upload, an easy way to share their photos, lots of storage, and reliable service. This I bet is enough reason to use as you image hosting option.

Now, A quick look at some of the features of will give you a clearer insight to what it has to offer.

Features of Use free Image Hosting Site

  • Absolutely Free: offers 100% free service. No fees, in fact no sign up is required before you store or share photos. (Thought i recommend you sign up and book to enjoy it to the fullest).
  • Unlimited Uploads: whaooo!!!!!!! This is really amazing! there is no limit to the number of images you like to upload at ones.
  • No sign up is required: Like i said earlier, If you don’t feel like signing up to there is no problem. You can still host your images for free.
  • Privacy: use image hosting allows you to choose how you wish to share your photos. you determine who you share your photos with.
  • Additional Online Tools and template: provides you with wonderful tools to beautify your photos and outstanding templates to help showcase your photos oline.
  • Bulk Uploader: Have you lot of photos? The Bulk Image Uploader allows you to select multiple images to upload all at once.
  • Share your images:  with a “Share This” button you can easily email images, post them to social sites or blogs, or save the URL in your bookmarks.The HTML codes for each  individual image or photo are also provided to you for easy sharing.

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How to Upload Photos with Use Image Hosting

Below is a step by step guide to using this site to upload and share your photos

  1.  Visit Home page ( Up - Free Image Hosting Site | Store And Share Photos Easily
  2. Drag and drop your photos to the dashboard “drag and drop files” { you can also add photo by simply clicking on the “browse file” Button.} Add as many photos as you wish.
  3. Choose a Title to your photos
  4. Add tags to them for easy search
  5. click on “Upload” and your file will automatically be uploaded
  6. you can now click on save image to account., that is if you have an account with or
  7. copy the image email URL, HTML, Slide show link for your websites and so on.
  8. Finally, below the page you can click to share photo on social media of your choice.

Sign Up | Login Free image Hosting

To sign up for free:

  •  Visit Home page ( Visit Home page (
  • Click on Login/sign up
  • Fill out the form with the correct details
  • enter your email and mobile number
  • check the box and click on create account
  • for existing users, just type in your username and password to login.

Finally, I hope you find this article useful. Sign Up – Free Image Hosting Site | Store And Share Photos Easily Always visit our Homepage for more informative posts. feel free to comment below.


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