How to Stop Window 10 Automatic Update | Winaero Tweaker-

How to stop window 10 automatic update.  Have you wondered why you can’t just stop you favorite windows 10 from automatically updating every now and then. are you even considering going back to windows 8, or even as low as windows 7. Here is How to Stop Window 10 Automatic Update | Winaero Tweaker-

How to Stop Window 10 Automatic Update | Winaero Tweaker- winaero.comWinaero is a website hosting freeware tweaking tools for Microsoft Windows. operated by Russian developer, Sergey Tkachenko. The website sports 50+ freeware tools for modifying the behavior of Microsoft Windows. Notable amongst these are Skip Metro Suite which allowed skipping the Windows 8 Start screen, booting straight to the Windows desktop and customizing the Modern UI hot corners.

Now, On this article i will be showing you how to use winaero tweaker to Stop Window 10 Automatic Update and customize your windows . very simple and quick, you will be able to make major changes to windows 10 and even withheld it from automatically downloading and installing of updates.

Features of Winaero Tweaker

Firstly, This program provides a straightforward interface for making all kinds of customization.  Using Winaero Tweaker is simple and straightforward, since all the possible tweaks are organized by category, such as Appearance, Behavior, Desktop and Taskbar, file explorer. network and so on.

Therefore, Here are some of its features

  • Easy to use interface: winaero tweaker on its own is simple user friendly. it is a do it yourself software. you just cant get confused at any point
  • Displays system properties: At the very top, just click on information and and your system properties will be displayed. Such as Your basic system information such as the processor type, Windows OS version, and RAM.
  • Detail procedure: When you click on each set up, the main screen explains everything about that tweak and how to go about it.  For each tweak, the program also has a link that says, “See in detail how this tweak works”. This link takes you to the Winaero site where you can find out exactly what the program is doing to your system.

basically, There are numerous tweaks you can carry out using winaero tweaker. you can check them up on their home page.

How to download winearo tweaker

  • ensure you can a reliable internet connection
  • make sure you have installed Winrar to you system, if not download and install one.
  • winrar is needed to un-zip the files as it is always zipped for lighter download.
  • visit
  • click on download, the file will immediately start downloading .
  • once the download is completed, go to downloads folder and unzip the file using winrar.
  • follow prompts to install winaero tweaker

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How to Stop Window 10 Automatic Update Using Winaero Tweaker

Using Winaero tweaker is as simple as clicking a button for each setting you’d like to change. And just like any other setting/customization you are doing stoping windows 10 update is not any difficult.

below is how to go about it.

  • Download and install winaero tweaker to your windows 10 PC

In addition, note that for windows 7 users you might need to disable ur antivirus for some time inorder to install it

  • lunch Tweaker from you desktop
  • from the various options displayed, go to  Behaviour
  • scroll down to Windows Update settings
  • you can now change your window update settings from two options displayed on the right side of your screen
    • set window update to notify only
    • disable windows update service
  • Restart your system to confirm changes.

Finally, with winaero you can do a lot more to your windows be it Windows 7, 8 or 10.  I hope you find this article How to Stop Window 10 Automatic Update | Winaero Tweaker- winaero.comuseful. Feel free to comment and share.



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