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Have you in any way fallen a victim of system crash? Or have you ever lost important files due to device damage or theft? Then  you really need to be interested in this cloud storage. This article will dwell on one of the top cloud storage solution app. Degoo Free 100GB Cloud Storage | Download| Sign Up, Login. Very enticing that you cant but sign up.Degoo Free 100GB Cloud Storage is a new online backup service that offers an unimaginable 100 GB of free cloud storage. “Never lose a photo or important file again” according to their slogan is just the best sentence to explain this awesome privilege.

Also, Degoo is genuinely making backups as easy as possible. It also lets you sign up using a Google account, so you don’t need to create a separate account and password. It present so many features including 24 hours back up of files on your device, meaning that once you add more files to the folder you backed up. Degoo free 100GB automatically back them up after 24 hours.

Now, Let me just go into a quick review of what Degoo can offer you.

Features of Degoo free 100GB Cloud Space

Here are some of  Degoo features as listed below.

  • Free 100GB back up Space: With Degoo installed on your PC or device, you will have access to 100GB space to store any king of files of your choice.Degoo also gives you an extra 3 GB per each friend you refer, for a maximum of 500 GB. making it 600GB free storage space just for signing up for free.
  • Maximum Security:  Degoo stores your file data using 256-bit AES. All server communication is encrypted using an SSL/TLS secure tunnel to transfer files. It also apply PBKDF2 to all passwords before storing them and further protect them by applying HMAC512, with a secret “pepper” key. multiple files are also stored.
  • Mobile App: degoo supports mobile devices ( Android and iPhones). This means you can backup files on your devices (SD or Phone Memory).

Note you can only backup one device with one account. Meaning you have create more account to backup your PC and you phones.

  • Speed: Degoo is very fast in file Upload and download. and it enables purse and resume. if you computer goes off, Degoo resumes backups whenever computer comes on.
  • Degoo keeps every file you delete for 14 more days before it finally dispose them.
  • Degoo also allow you share/send files to other people. you can even link more PC to your account.

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Sign up Degoo | login and Download App for Andriod or iPhone

to enjoy this large cloud Storage space, all you need to do is to sign up for an account with Degoo.

  • visit You can do this either you PC or mobile phones
  • scroll down a litle to find the “login” button. click Log in button.
  • a new page will come up. enter username and password if you already have an account and click login. For new person, click on “no account yet, sign up” link, enter you email Address and password. Next click sign up

note you can also sign in using your google account.

  • To get Degoo App for your Android or iPhone, simply click on the download link on the home page.

How to Backup Files Using Degoo

Degoo has a tab for backup, a tab for recovery, and a tab for preferences. It is similar to Dropbox. To back up files using Degoo, just follow the following steps

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  • Open up Degoo and go to the Backup tab.
  • Click Add folder to backup…  this will bring up the folder selection window.Degoo Free 100GB Cloud Storage | Download| Sign Up, Login
  • Select the folder you want to backup and click Add folder to backup
    with this done Degoo will start uploading file to cloud. You can repeat this process to add as much folder as you want to backup.Degoo Free 100GB Cloud Storage | Download| Sign Up, Login
  • your folder will be completely backed up once the progress bar gets to 100%. You can even turn off your computer in the middle of a backup as Degoo will automatically resume the backup when you turn your computer back on.Degoo Free 100GB Cloud Storage | Download| Sign Up, Login

finally, you can backup as much file as much as your entire Hard-disk. you can also opt for the Degoo premium – 250GB, Degoo Ultimate – 2000GB.

I hope you find this post Degoo Free 100GB Cloud Storage | Download| Sign Up, Login useful, do comment and share with friend.



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